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GMDS Germany GmbH
Global Media Distribution Services (GMDS) group, started in 2003 as a partnership of industry professionals with backgrounds in broadcasting and satellite distribution, based in the Netherlands.
Starting with anchor customers in central Europe, GMDS expanded its service portfolio to:
  • technical and integration solutions in central Europe (CEE) and
  • its Content distribution business into Cable operators in the german speaking counties (DACH). 
In 2004 GMDS played a material role in the establishment of the first digital terrestrial network in the Balkans. Followed in 2005 by the launch of one of the world’s largest pay-TV bouquets in Statistical Multiplexing on satellite with 19 channels in a single transponder.

During 2006 GMDS expandeded its system integration capabilities by merging with an established  German operation to serve its clients in Germany.  From the main office in Duesseldorf area, several of the Blue Chip companies in Broadcasting joined GMDS either as client or as business partner. In 2007 GMDS launched its technical services for professional clients and partners.
Backed by its network of regional independent companies, the GMDS group can now offer a full range of Products and Services focused on broadcasting and interactivity.  Having more than 30 professionals employed in 5 locations, GMDS is one of the leading system providers and service partners in its field in central Europe. 
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