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DVB Services

GMDS designs, integrates and supports DVB based transmission platforms.  The services are structured in several service products: 
  • Customer Care - post-sales support is provided in a few flavours, whereas the workflow is tightly integrated with the vendors.  The detailed service products are: CC, CCPlus.
  • SI Master - is a service in ASP form, provided from the GMDS PoP in Germany, typically over IP based transmission.  It includes various PIDs prepared by GMDS and ready to be integrated into the transport stream in the customer's head-end platform.
  • Monitoring - a monitoring workflow is applied to a broadcasted linear TV channel.  In this workflow various parameters are being monitored, for example quality of reception in the target geogrphical area, protection of transmission-rights agreements.  This is mostly human monitoring, around the clock, so in case of violation of the agreed DVB service parameters, an escalation process is implemented.
  • Repairs - for the equipment supplied by GMDS, we provide a repair service, backed up by a RMA procedure for repairs with the vendor in the more complex cases.
In the process of integrating a DVB solution, our professional Services Team provides also SW integration of DVB equipment in general.  This includes the implementation of Scheduling, Conditional Access, Pre-Payment solutions, Subscriber management systems and other elements for the distribution of the content to both institutions and private customers.

GMDS' Professional Services group has broad experience in MPEG encoding/decoding, multiplexing & streaming - high availability video platforms.